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JFrog Idea Plugin

JFrog IntelliJ IDEA plugin adds JFrog Xray scanning of Maven, Gradle, Go and Npm project dependencies to your IntelliJ IDEA.

Building and Testing the Sources

To build the plugin sources, please follow these steps:

  1. Clone the code from git.
  2. Build and create the JFrog IDEA Plugin zip file by running the following gradle command. After the build finishes, you’ll find the zip file in the plugin/build/distributions directory, located under the jfrog-idea-plugin directory. The zip file can be loaded into IntelliJ
gradle clean build

Developing the Plugin Code

If you’d like to help us develop and enhance the plugin, this section is for you. To build and run the plugin following your code changes, follow these steps:

  1. From IntelliJ, open the plugin project, by selecting jfrog-idea-plugin/build.gradle file.
  2. Build the sources and launch the plugin by the following these steps:
    • From the Gradle Projects window, expand Idea –> Tasks –> IntelliJ
    • Run the buildPlugin task.
    • Run the runIdea task.

Code Contributions

We welcome community contribution through pull requests.

Using JFrog IntelliJ IDEA plugin

To learn how to use JFrog IntelliJ IDEA plugin, please visit the JFrog IntelliJ IDEA Plugin User Guide.

Release Notes

The release are available on Bintray.